Introducing Memefi: Where Meme Culture and Crypto Collide

Meme coin

Memefi - The Ultimate Meme Token Ecosystem

Are you a meme enthusiast looking to dive headfirst into the world of degens? Memefi is here to bridge the gap between meme culture and the crypto community, bringing you a one-of-a-kind, meme-driven experience like no other.



  • Meme-Centric Approach

    At Memefi, we're all about memes! Our project revolves around the hilarious, iconic, and relatable internet memes that have taken the digital world by storm. We've created a token that celebrates the humor, absurdity, and creativity of the meme universe.

  • Meme Token Incubator:

    Memefi is not just about holding a token; it's about nurturing new meme projects. We're the home to aspiring meme creators and projects looking to thrive in the crypto space. With our unique incubation program, we provide resources and support to memepreneurs, helping them turn their meme dreams into reality.

  • Chat 2 Earn:

    We believe in rewarding our community for their loyalty and activity. Holding Memefi tokens and actively participating in our ecosystem can earn you exciting rewards, including exclusive NFTs, airdrops, and much more. You're not just a token holder; you're part of the Memefi family.

    Chat to Earn
  • Memefi Dao

    MemeFi DAO:

    Memefi is a decentralized project, which means that the community's voice matters. We encourage meme enthusiasts, artists, and crypto enthusiasts to engage, suggest ideas, and make decisions together. Your opinion counts, and you can shape the future of Memefi.


Our unique tokenomics ensure a stable and rewarding experience. With automatic liquidity generation and redistribution mechanisms, holding Memefi tokens not only supports the ecosystem but also benefits you in the long run.

Total Supply


  • Tax
  • Buy 4%
  • Sell 4%


Phase 1

  • Pre-Launch Preparation
  • Concept Development
  • Team Formation
  • Website Development
  • Whitepaper
  • Contract Creation
  • Audit

Phase 2

  • Community Development
  • Partnerships
  • Pinksale Presale
  • Token Launch
  • CMC/CG listing
  • CEX Listing Announcement
  • 1st Memefi Incubation

Phase 3

  • 1000 Holders
  • Incubating 1st Meme Coin
  • CEX Listing